CAAS Franchise Makes Good Business Sense

Good quality education is always in great demand. In today’s competitive world, competitive exams play a very important role in the life of students as well as parents. Students look for good training institutes through which they can prepare for various entrance/competitive exams.

Good classroom courses give a distinct advantage to the students over correspondence courses. Here at CAAS we are committed to provide quality education and efficient training to the students located in different parts of the country to help them achieve their career goals

We are looking for Franchisees/Business Partners at different locations in the country to impart quality training to students. The Franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture. They will operate under the guidance of CAAS. – using  brand name, CAAS material and the formidable expertise developed by CAAS over a period of time

What we offer you :

  • A basket of courses (and not just one course) so that you are safe-guarded against seasonal and cyclical business UPs and DOWNs
  • Complete course material with necessary modifications required from time to time (including papers on the latest pattern of various exams)
  • The right to use the registered trade mark CAAS- caas logo small
  • Assistance in establishing the franchisee
  • Complete exposure to our training methodology
  • Assistance in selecting and training your faculty — this training is provided through a combination of personal training(at Delhi and at your own location), lecture notes (printed and through email) which your faculty members can use for preparing for their classes
  • Guidance in marketing and promoting the Course
  • Online Tests and Lectures for your students
  • Last but not the least — our TOTAL commitment to you and your students

Courses we offer:

CAAS offers a major advantage to the Franchisee in the form of a basket of courses. It helps the Franchisee increase the total number of students that they train. This has two major advantages for the Franchisee.

  • Increase the turnover/profit of the Franchisee
  • Tremendous word-of-mouth publicity because of a larger number of students spread over different Courses
  • Insulate the Franchisee from the vagaries of business ups and downs

The courses that we offer as of now are:

  • Bank P.O. exams
  • S.S.C.Exams
  • Preparatory course for other Jobs.
  • Civil Services Examination
  • CLAT
  • J. N.U. Entrance
  • Campus Recruitment Training – preparing students for the Aptitute Test and GD/Interviews conducted as a part of Campus Placements at Engineering Colleges & MCA

In addition to the above, we also have plans to run courses suited for specific cities/states.for example- CTET, B.Ed., etc

What we are looking for :

  • Person looking out to start off on his own or already in his own business – and with a basic interest in and aptitude for education
  • A lot of drive and a burning desire to make it big
  • Commitment towards quality of the course and interest in the future of the students
  • Personal involvement in the CAAS franchise and its day to day running
  • Office (own/rented/business centre) (minimum 500 sq feet) with a telephone
  • All necessary investments required for advertising and promotion
  • Willingness to recruit the required number of personnel for running the centre — the minimum staff required is one counselor and one office boy

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